Art Gallery Virtual Tour of 35th UOB Painting of the Year Showcase

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360 Virtual Tour documenting the 2016 UOB painting of the year regional winning showcase. The UOB art gallery is located at the lobby of UOB Plaza 1. The painting of the year was awarded to Mr. Gatot Indrajati for his artwork titled “Right or Wrong My Home”. If you would like to easily find this work of art in the virtual tour it is immediately to the right.

The winning artwork, titled Right or Wrong My Home, was found by the regional judging panel to showcase an “innovative use of wood” resulting in a “visually compelling and contemporary art work” with wood carving – a traditional Indonesian art form – and paint. Infusing pop culture, current events and Indonesians’ wry sense of humour and resilience attitude, Right or Wrong My Home carried the representation of the passion and patriotism held by Indonesians of their beloved country.

More information here: Painting of the Year Regional Winning Paintings’ Showcase

360 Virtual Tour and Interior Photography of the UOB Art Gallery in Singapore