Hotel Virtual Tour Services in Singapore, Asia and Worldwide

Hotel Virtual Tour Services

As an experienced resort and hotel photographer I also offer virtual tour services for hotels and resorts. I understand the importance of showcasing a hotel's unique spaces and design elements to potential guests. I specialize in creating virtual tours for hotels that allow guests to fully experience the property before they even step foot in the door.

My virtual tours are designed to give guests a comprehensive and immersive experience of the hotel's spaces, from the grand lobby to the guest rooms. Using high-quality equipment and advanced techniques, I am able to capture the hotel's true essence and present it in a way that is both visually stunning and easy to navigate.

One of the key benefits of a virtual tour is that it allows guests to get a feel for the hotel before they book, which can lead to increased bookings and higher occupancy rates. Additionally, virtual tours are a great way to showcase a hotel's amenities and services, such as on-site dining, spa facilities, and meeting spaces, which can also help to drive bookings.

How Are Your Hotel Virtual Tours Photographed?

With over a decade of experience as a hotel photographer, I bring my expertise in equipment and post-production to both my interior photography and virtual tours.

I do not rely on "360 degree cameras" for hotel virtual tours, as they do not allow for the level of post-production necessary to meet the high standards of my hotel clients. Instead, I use the same medium format camera system and lighting techniques in my 360 photography as I do in my standard hotel photography. I approach a hotel 360 shoot with the same level of attention and care as I would a traditional hotel shoot, as both require the same level of quality and attention to detail.

I provide professional retouching and post-production services for my 360 images, just as I do for my traditional hotel photos. Clients in the hospitality industry demand a high level of perfection in their images, and I am equipped to handle the same level of editing requests for my 360 photography as I do for my standard hotel photography. From replacing views and skies to intricate fabric retouching, I am able to handle any edit request my clients may have.
Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel Virtual Tour

Customised Virtual Tour Web Interfaces

Through years of experience, I have discovered that off-the-shelf virtual tour building software is not sufficient for professional use in the hotel and resort industry. Programs such as 3dvista may appear impressive, but they are limited in their customization options and making changes can be cumbersome. I never want to tell my clients that I cannot provide a specific feature they request, and I am dedicated to offering my clients customized features to suit their unique needs. To achieve this, I work with a team of highly skilled developers who create custom-coded virtual tour interfaces for me. If you have an idea for your virtual tour, I'd love to hear it because we can build it for you.

My virtual tours are fully optimized for the web and mobile devices, which means that guests can easily view the tour on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. This ensures that the virtual tour is accessible to the widest possible audience and can be easily shared on social media and other online platforms.
Raffles Singapore Hotel - Couryard Suite

Virtual Tour Features

Here are a few unique features that I offer in my virtual tours

Open / Close Objects

Interactive elements such as opening and closing objects within a virtual tour can be a unique and effective way to showcase the features and amenities of a hotel room or property. This can help to give prospective guests a more realistic and engaging experience of the property, and allow them to better understand the layout and functionality of the rooms. Additionally, this interactive feature can be a great way to highlight the unique and selling points of the property, such as a fully stocked bar or an armoire filled with items for the guest. Interactive elements like this can be incorporated into the virtual tour using an open / closed feature we have developed.

Deep Linking

The virtual tour includes a feature called deep linking that enables linking to specific parts of the tour using unique URLs. This can be achieved by adding a small bit of text to the end of the URL.

This feature allows for creating a self-contained virtual tour, where each room or area can have its own unique URL and entry point. This means that the standard king room can have its own unique link, as well as the deluxe king room, and so on. These unique links can be easily incorporated into the hotel website's room type information, providing an intuitive and direct access to the specific room or area for the guests. Additionally, this feature makes managing and updating the tour a breeze as changes can be made to individual rooms or areas without affecting the entire tour.

Google Sheets Text Database

Our virtual tours feature a description box that provides valuable information about each area. We understand that clients in the hospitality industry often request multiple changes to the text. To make this process as seamless as possible, we've implemented a system that allows clients to edit the text through an online Google Sheets document.

During the building process, certain fields are automatically populated from the online version of the database using Google Sheets. This means that any changes made to the document will be reflected in the virtual tour in real-time, facilitating easy editing and collaboration between the client and developer.

Once the tour is ready to be published online, we will export the data from the master file and embed it directly into the tour files. This ensures that all information is self-contained and accurate.

Multi-language Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours now feature a multi-language function that allows for easy translation of all text elements within the tour. Clients can also edit the tour's description section using the provided google sheets database, making it simple to update multiple languages from one online source. This feature allows for offering the tour on multi-language pages of your website. Additionally, our "deep linking" function allows for unique URLs for each 360 view to be opened in the desired language.

Google Virtual Tours for Hotels and Resorts

An alternative solution for your hotel is to create a Google Virtual Tour. As a pioneer in the program, I was one of the first photographers to work with Google Street View when it launched in 2012 when I was based in Europe, and I was the first independent photographer to be certified by Google in Singapore in 2013.

The virtual tour links 360-degree images to your hotel's Google Business Listing and becomes a part of Google Street View. While the image quality may not be as high as using a separate interface, the virtual tour offers a familiar and easy-to-use Google Street View experience. Additionally, there are no hosting requirements to consider, making it a great option for hotels with hosting limitations. I also offer an additional service of publishing all 360 images to your Google listing.

Google Virtual Tour Examples created for Hilton Singapore Orchard

Click the image below to see the Google Virtual Tour

Selected 360 Virtual Tours

Marina Bay Sands

Experience a 360 Virtual Tour of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore with stunning, hospitality-level production and retouching. Each room has its own individual tour, allowing viewers to explore specific areas of interest. The desktop version includes custom object descriptions and interactive features, such as opening and closing objects. A 'visited' checkbox system encourages thorough exploration of the entire room. Discover all the features and spaces available in each room by visiting our project page for Marina Bay Sands on our Recent Work Blog page.

View Virtual Tour

Raffles Hotel Singapore

360 Virtual Tour of the Courtyard Suite at Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The virtual tour features hospitality level 360 degree images creating a virtual walk-through of the suite from the courtyard and through the foyer, bedroom and bathroom.  There is also 360 photography in the shower. The 360 virtual tour features a side navigation menu with custom views on desktop and mobile devices as well as floor navigation hot spots with a dynamic movement effect.

View Virtual Tour

Conrad Centennial Singapore

Hotel Virtual Tour at Conrad Centennial Singapore created in 2021 for Conrad Hotels & Resorts. Take a virtual tour through this award winning luxury hotel located within the business and shopping districts of Marina Bay and minutes from Marina Bay Sands Hotel. All major areas of the hotel have been captured in 360 degrees to create a virtual walkthrough of the location. For example, 360 degree panoramic images have been created in the hotel rooms & suites, the executive lounges, the spa and gym as well as the meeting and event spaces.
View Virtual Tour

Orchid Hotel Singapore

Experience a virtual tour of Orchid Hotel Singapore's newly renovated rooms and popular Ka Ge restaurant. Conveniently located only 120 metres from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, this hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool and an in-house restaurant. Immerse yourself in the hotel's ambiance with a 360-degree virtual walkthrough of all major areas, providing a comprehensive tour of the location. Discover the hotel's amenities and offerings from the comfort of your own device.

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Paradox Hotel Singapore

Hotel and Resort Virtual Tour of Paradox Singapore Merchant Court at Clarke Quay. The hotel tour features a comprehensive navigation menu and a description box system with check boxes, designed to help viewers keep track of the areas they have visited and those that remain to be explored. Experience the full ambiance of the hotel from the comfort of your own device with our immersive 360-degree virtual walkthrough. 

View Virtual Tour

Yotel Orchard

360 Virtual Tour of Yotel Orchard in Singapore featuring over 30 x 360 degree panorama images with hospitality level production and retouching. The interface and navigation menu are in a familiar left side bar design which is ideal for identical styling when viewing the virtual tour on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The 360 degree panoramas were taken during the corporate hotel photography photo shoot. You can see the full project on my project page for Yotel Orchard in my interior photography projects page.

View Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Tours for Hotels and Resorts

One of the key benefits of working with me is that I am able to understand and capture the unique character of each hotel. I take the time to understand the hotel's design aesthetic and target market, and I work closely with the hotel's management team to ensure that the virtual tour accurately represents the property.

Overall, my hotel virtual tour services are an effective way to showcase a hotel's unique spaces and design elements to potential guests. They can help to drive bookings, increase occupancy rates, and enhance the overall guest experience. If you are interested in learning more about my virtual tour services and how they can benefit your hotel, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Architectural Photography and 360 Virtual Tour Services in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Please contact me to discuss your Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Hotel Photography, or 360 Virtual Tour project.

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