360 Virtual Tours in Singapore, Asia and Worldwide

As a virtual tour company based in Singapore, we utilize cutting-edge technology to produce the highest quality 360-degree images and custom-coded virtual tour interfaces. Our commitment to innovation ensures that your virtual tour will be a visually stunning and immersive experience for your audience. Trust in our expertise and let us bring your location to life through state-of-the-art virtual tours.

HDR Photography

360 Photography created with Fujifilm Medium Format Camera Systems

Branded Interfaces

Branded virtual tour interfaces with client logo and client colors

Unique Designs

User interface can be custom designed to match client’s website

Easy Integration

Simple to add to your website or to marketing materials

Easy Navigation

Customisable virtual tour menu for easy navigation

Interactive Hot Spots

Can include interactive info buttons and way points

Interactive Maps & Floorplans

Interactive maps and floor plans for navigating the virtual tour

Interactive Videos and Photos

Interactive pop out videos and photo hot spots

360 Virtual Tour Services

I am a 360 virtual tour provider with over a decade of experience in 360 photography, I offer full-service virtual tour solutions in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia. My extensive portfolio includes commercial virtual tours created for clients around the world. In fact, I was the first independent photographer in Singapore to receive certification from Google to create virtual tours linked to businesses. Trust in my expertise and let me bring your location to life through immersive 360 photography and virtual tours.

360 photography is a type of photography that allows the viewer to see the entire surroundings of a location in a single image. It is also known as panoramic photography or immersive photography.

A virtual tour is a simulated experience of a location or a building using interactive media, such as 360-degree photographs or videos. It allows users to explore the location remotely, as if they were physically present there. Virtual tours are often used in the hospitality industry to give potential buyers a sense of the layout and features of a hotel, but they can also be used to showcase other types of locations, such as tourist attractions, museums, and event venues.

Virtual tour HTML interfaces are used to display and navigate virtual tours on the web. These interfaces typically consist of a series of interconnected pages or a single page with embedded media, such as 360-degree photos or videos, and interactive elements that allow users to move through the tour.

One common type of virtual tour HTML interface is a single page that uses JavaScript to load and display the different elements of the tour. The interface may include navigation buttons or hotspots that allow users to move between different locations within the tour, as well as information about the location and other interactive elements, such as audio or video content.

Another type of virtual tour HTML interface is a series of interconnected pages, each of which represents a different location within the tour. The interface may include links or buttons that allow users to move between the pages and explore the tour.

Virtual tour HTML interfaces can be created using a variety of web development technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They can be hosted on a web server and accessed through a web browser.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about creating a 360 virtual tour for your location.

Selected 360 Virtual Tours

Marina Bay Sands

Hotel Virtual Tour Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The virtual tour features hospitality level 360 degree photography created with Fujifilm GFX medium format cameras. The tour features unique open and close effects on various objects within the rooms, which enables the viewer to virtually open selected items and explore the space in detail. Moreover, the 360 virtual tour boasts a customized description box system that changes dynamically.

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Aerial 360 - The Interlace

Aerial 360 created at The Interlace in Singapore. As a specialised architectural photographer, I also offer aerial photography and drone photography services. I am a CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore) licensed aerial unmanned vehicle (UAV) pilot in Singapore. I also offer the unique service of aerial 360 photography in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia.

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Raffles Hotel Singapore

360 Virtual Tour of the Courtyard Suite at Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The virtual tour features hospitality level 360 degree images creating a virtual walk-through of the suite from the courtyard and through the foyer, bedroom and bathroom.  There is also 360 photography in the shower. The 360 virtual tour features a side navigation menu with custom views on desktop and mobile devices as well as floor navigation hot spots with a dynamic movement effect.

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Paradox Hotel Singapore

Hotel and Resort Virtual Tour of Paradox Singapore Merchant Court at Clarke Quay. Hospitality level 360 photography of all major areas of the hotel including the rooms, the dining areas and the function rooms. The virtual tour features a comprehensive navigation menu and a description box system with check boxes, designed to help viewers keep track of the areas they have visited and those that remain to be explored. 

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Conrad Centennial Singapore

Hotel Virtual Tour at Conrad Centennial Singapore created in 2021 for Conrad Hotels & Resorts. Take a virtual tour through this award winning luxury hotel located within the business and shopping districts of Marina Bay and minutes from Marina Bay Sands Hotel. All major areas of the hotel have been captured in 360 degrees to create a virtual walkthrough of the location. For example, 360 degree panoramic images have been created in the hotel rooms & suites, the executive lounges, the spa and gym as well as the meeting and event spaces.
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Singapore University of Technology and Design

360 Virtual Tour at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in Singapore featuring highly produced 360 degree images with posed students. We have created an Aerial 360 as the opening image for the virtual tour which shows an overview of the campus. Using posed students we are able to show a vibrant campus life at the university. We have also digitally removed various "2020" measures such as floor tape. There are custom hover hotspots which show either a video, text or a web link on hover.

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The Executive Centre

360 Virtual Tour of The Executive Centre at Ocean Financial Centre in Singapore featuring over 11 x 360 degree panorama images. 360 Photography for the virtual tour was shot with the Fujifilm GFX 50S. The interface and navigation menu use the new left side bar design which is ideal for identical styling when viewing the virtual tour on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The new ground way point system has a dynamic transition effect between two connected areas. Standard interior photography for the location was also captured during the photo shoot. These images are available in a photo album button on the bottom left of the virtual tour interface.

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Ngee Ann Polytechnic

360 Virtual Tour of Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore featuring over 40 highly produced 360 degree images in a customised interface with a 3 tier menu system. The opening photo of the virtual tour is an Aerial 360 taken at 60 meters which gives a birds eye view of the campus. The customised hotspots feature a thumbnail of the destination and text below the image on mouse hover. The virtual tour also offers a description field in the bottom right of the interface with text about each 360 photograph location.

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Yotel Orchard

360 Virtual Tour of Yotel Orchard in Singapore featuring over 30 x 360 degree panorama images with hospitality level production and retouching. The interface and navigation menu are in a familiar left side bar design which is ideal for identical styling when viewing the virtual tour on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We have used bubble hot spots which show an image of the destination location. The 360 degree panoramas were taken during the corporate hotel photography photo shoot. You can see the full project on my project page for Yotel Orchard in my interior photography projects page.

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Azbil Manufacturing Showroom

360 Virtual Tour at the Singapore showroom for Azbil to showcase the items they design and manufacture. This allows potential clients to virtually visit the showroom from anywhere in the world to view videos, web links and read PDFs about their products. The showroom virtual tour interface has unique features designed for this manufacturing client. When you hover over one of the products the bottom right info box updates with information. I have also custom expanding hot spots under the red circle as well as many other custom design features.

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Bvlgari Exhibition at The Kremiln, Moscow

Travelled on assignment to The Kremlin in Moscow to capture the Bvlgari Tribute to Femininity exhibition. 3 days of photo shooting and a tremendous amount of post production was required to create over 50 x highly produced 360 degree panoramic images. A fully custom interface was developed to the specifications of Bvlgari with two main sections in a top menu: Magnificent High Jewelry and Bvlgari Icons. Pop out floor plans of each area and a custom arrow navigation arrow system was also developed.

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Bvlgari Exhibition in Tokyo

Traveled to Tokyo to create a 360 Virtual Tour of the Bvlgari Serpentiform exhibition at the Tokyo City View, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, in 2017. I have also created virtual tours for Bvlgari at the MBS Artscience museum in Singapore, and at the Kremlin in Moscow. The tour uses a left menu navigation system which automatically hides to give the viewer a more immersive experience. As the purpose of the virtual tour is to create a "virtual visit" there is google street view style arrow system on the flooring and a hover arrow which allows the viewer to click forward for movement. Some artwork has been digitally replaced because of the inherent reflections in the glass covering the pieces.

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My Virtual Tours include:

As a skilled virtual tour creator, I specialize in creating interactive virtual tours that combine 360-degree panoramas with a user-friendly graphical interface. These virtual tours can be used as standalone web pages or integrated into an HTML document. Upon completion, the virtual tour will be delivered digitally to the client, who can choose to host it on their own web servers or use my high-speed server for hosting. With my interactive virtual tours, your audience can fully experience and explore your location as if they were physically present.

Virtual Tour Images Include:

  • Highest quality, market leading, professionally produced 360 degree panoramas
  • Advanced image processing results in crisp image and high detail
  • Major software editing high dynamic range scenes and fine details
  • Image colour and contrast correction
  • Digital Surface blemish cleaning and retouching

Customised Virtual Tour Interfaces Can Include:

  • Standalone virtual tour which encompasses all 360 panoramas and navigation between them
  • Tour created with the latest generation software
  • Interface with company branded logo and customisable navigation and text elements which can be hidden or shown by user
  • Interface can be soft or hard edged at any opacity, any colour
  • Splash Screen introduction with company logo
  • Info button / tab with pop out information window
  • Pop out floor plan with navigation
  • Pop out map to show geo location
  • Hotspots with info windows
  • Video playing on tv and computer screens

Deep Linking:

Deep linking is a way to access any individual 360 panorama from within the larger Virtual Tour via a separate link. This way the Virtual Tour can have multiple in points from separate sections of your website.

Mobile Versions:

The tours will include separate versions for desktop, tablet and mobile for the best performance on each device.

Aerial 360 Degree Photography

As a specialised architectural photographer, I also offer aerial photography and drone photography services. I am a CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore) licensed aerial unmanned vehicle (UAV) pilot in Singapore. I also offer the unique service of aerial 360 photography in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia.

Click the Image Above to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography for The Interlace

Click the Image Above to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography for Hilton Garden Inn Foshan, China

Click the Image Above to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography in the Alps

Click the Image Above to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography in South East Asia

Click the Image Above to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography at the Old City Wall Xi’an

Click the Image Above to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography at Xi’an High Tech Zone

Architectural Photography and 360 Virtual Tour Services in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Please contact me to discuss your Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Hotel Photography, or 360 Virtual Tour project.

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