Aerial Photography & Drone Photography Services in Singapore and Southeast Asia

Using Drones for Architectural Photography

As a specialised architectural photographer, I also offer aerial photography and drone photography services. I am a CAAS (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore) licensed aerial unmanned vehicle (UAV) pilot in Singapore. I also offer the unique service of aerial 360 photography in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia.

The popularity of using drones to capture aerial photography of architectural is growing. In architectural photography, drones can be used in a variety of ways. Drones can be used to capture high-resolution images of architectural projects for a variety of uses, mainly for documentation, sales and marketing purposes.


Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs which are controlled by an operator in a remote location. Drones have GPS tracking and sensors which add to the safety and stability of their performance. We personally use a head-mounted display for the operator and a 12.9″ monitor with stand for client viewing. The head mounted display allows a distraction-free view of the composition and lighting of the property. The 12.9” monitor provides a large display which provides a clear view of the image to be captured for the client.


Architectural photographers are now taking advantage of the recent advancement in drone technology which allows high-quality images to be taken with unmanned aerial vehicles. Drone technology now allows architectural photographers to create stunning aerial images without the use of a helicopter or airplanes. Previously, architects, builders, contractors, and photographers would hire a helicopter to create aerial photographs of buildings and architecture. This is impractical, inconvenient and expensive for most properties.


UAVs are small and versatile so they can fly into hard to reach places and at low altitudes. They can fly much lower than traditional aircraft which allows for a larger variety of low altitude images that can be captured. Drones also operate with very minimal noise. They can operate without disturbing the residents in an area and take close up shots of a building without being noticed. This is extremely important in areas such as exclusive hotels and neighborhoods where it’s important not to disturb guests and residents.


Aerial architectural photography taken with drones provides a new perspective of the structure and its place within the area. With traditional ground-based architectural photography, the photographer is limited to physical space he can place a camera. Aerial photography adds another dimension to architectural photography where the freedom of movement forwards, backward, left, right and up and down effortlessly changes the perspective of the composition. Altitude control allows the option to photograph the structure within its surroundings giving the building context and a sense of place.


It is important to follow airspace restrictions and local laws when using Drones. Christopher O’Grady is a Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) certified UAV pilot. Any commercial drone activity will require an activity permit. A flight plan and list of images need to be submitted to the CAAS for approval. We will take care of the activity permit and ensure all images captured are created safely and with the required aerial activity permits.


Aerial Photography Gallery

Aerial 360 Photography Services for Virtual Tours

Aerial 360 images are a cutting edge way to display a structure within its surroundings. The drone hovers in a specific location and takes a large number of images. These images are then digitally stitched together to create a 360×180 sphere to create a panorama. Another program is then used to create an HTML file which allows this panorama to be viewed in 360 degrees within a web browser. 360 aerial images can also be used within VR virtual reality applications.

Professional aerial 360 photography can be used within virtual tours. Below is an example of an Aerial 360 Photo which has been used as the opening image of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The opening image of the virtual tour showcases an aerial 360 taken above the Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus and offers a bird’s eye view of all buildings and facilities.

Click the Image Below to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography for The Interlace

Click the Image to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography for Hilton Garden Inn Foshan, China

Click the Image to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography in the Alps

Click the Image to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography in South East Asia

Click the Image to View in 360

Aerial 360 Photography at the Old City Wall Xi’an

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Aerial 360 Photography at Xi’an High Tech Zone

Architectural Photography and 360 Virtual Tour Services in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Please contact me to discuss your Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Hotel Photography, or 360 Virtual Tour project.

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