Virtual Tour – Teck Ban Choon Foundry in Georgetown, Penang

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Spent a few days in Penang and while we were in Georgetown we came across these two metal foundry workshops. I was rather timid to walk up and ask these guys if they wouldn’t mind if I took a photo. They had no idea I was going to create a virtual tour / 360 degree image. I asked and they hand gestured that it would be no problem! So I stepped away and set up my tripod and panorama kit. When I started to shoot the first image facing into the foundry the guy on the machine didn’t flinch. When I spun the camera around they all got a little scared. So I put the camera back to a different position and when they weren’t paying attention I spun the camera towards them and acted like I was doing something else.

My wife suggested I ask them if they have an email address where I could send the 360 virtual tour to after it was done. I think most of these guys have never touched a computer in their lives… I asked and they pointed me to another guy who said “no internet”. That’s what I thought… I would love to show these guys the virtual tour but I guess that’s not going to happen.

This blacksmithing workshop makes anchors and iron products, and is run by 64-year old Teoh Huah Guan. A Yung Ting Hakka, he inherited it from his grandfather. It’s been said that the first blacksmith in Penang was also a Yung Ting Hakka. Today, even though the anvil and hammer have been replaced by a hammering machine, blacksmithing is still a labour intensive process requiring skill and strength. In the old days, Teck Ban Choon made materials for shipping, construction, plantations and households, such as nails, anchors, knives and axes – all linked to Penang’s history as a port and supply centre for mining and plantation equipment. Now, their main service is for the production of iron equipment and anchors used in off-shore fishing. Of the four blacksmiths that used to make anchors near Penang’s waterfront, only two remain in operation.

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Virtual Tour ofTeck Ban Choon Foundry in Georgetown, Penang

Teck Ban Choon
50, Lebuh Gat Armenian, George Town.