virtual tour of stone mason in bali I was staying in Candi Dasa in Bali for a few days and on the road to the hotel there was this stone mason. I thought it would be interesting to shoot a virtual tour there. In Bali there are temples everywhere. People make them in front of their houses, they make them inside their houses and they even make them on the roofs of their houses. Some peoples houses even look like temples. They all seem to be made of these ready made temple parts created at places like this. I am sure it’s big business.

I got there around 6pm right before the sunset and right after everyone went home. I thought it would be interesting to get some of the workers in the shot but it would have been tough. These are some relatively long exposures and it would be hard to ask them to stay still even for the required 1 second shot. I am still working on my Balinese.


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Location of the Virtual Tour in Candi Dasa, Bali

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