I was commissioned by Tanglin Club in Singapore for Architectural and Interior Photography and Corporate Portraits of their senior staff. Interior Photography for the recently updated Tangles Restaurant and the main library as well as their hair salon.

Architectural Interior Photography

As an interior photographer, I love photographing restaurants. The challenge of creating an image that documents the space as well as leads the eye through the features of the room. The Tanglin Club in Singapore required updated interior photography to show the new features of the restaurant. This photograph is actually a composite of about 25 images and light painted layers. I always love to add staff into commercial photography as it adds life to the image. Of course it’s not practical to ask staff to stand for the duration of the photoshoot. I use a unique interior lighting technique where I can photograph the staff as a last step in multiple takes to capture a warm and welcoming smile. 

Interior photography of the main library and hair salon was also part of this project. The Tanglin Club in Singapore is proud of it’s library which holds over 27,000 books and has both study and lounge areas. The Hair Salon was also a very interesting image to capture. Interior photography is about capturing the symmetry of objects in the room and the functionality of the space. 

Corporate Portraits

The highlight of the corporate portrait shoot was the wonderful shot of the head chef. Luckily the trends in Corporate Photography are moving towards outdoor natural looking portraits instead of the stale indoor portraits on a grey or white background. It also keeps creates a warm and tropical feel the clients wish to portray about corporate life here in Singapore.

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