Architectural interior photography project to create commercial images of the Ramada and Days Hotel at Zhongshan Park in Singapore main hotel lobbies, 21 on Rajah Restaurant, Flavours Restaurant, The Ramada Heritage Bar, and a Ramada Meeting Room in both Theatre and Classroom Setup. 

The hotel lobby bar called the Heritage Bar with it’s rich marble floor, intricate woodwork and stylish seating is also the first point of contact for many arriving guests. I chose a somewhat dramatic interior photography lighting technique to add contrast to the objects in the space. Lighting is the most important aspect of architectural interior photography as it allows me to create a warm and inviting mood to the space.

Personally, I absolutely love photographing lobbies. Architects and interior designers of hotels put a tremendous amount of effort creating a welcoming atmosphere for arriving guests. They are the first thing a weary client sees when they arrive at the hotel. It’s a very important photograph for the hotel and I enjoy capturing the essence of the space for the hotel or resort.

One service I like to provide in my architectural and interior photography work is the option of including or removing staff from commercial images. Every hotel has a different brand standard. Some state that there are no staff to be included in photographs. While the marketing department may wish to use staff in shots for some press and media usage. I have developed a specialised interior photography lighting and editing technique which allows me to capture staff in place as I would during lifestyle photography shoot. I can then deliver two images with and without staff for multiple usage by the marketing and communcations department.

21 on Rajah was also a very interesting restaurant to photograph. They recently added new artwork and painted the center column with the blue, orange and yellow pastel colours which adds a new mood the space. The bird cages over the main walkway also add a unique artistic feel to the interior of the restaurant. Here is another example of my photography technique where I can add or remove staff from images. We could not decide on whether to have the staff standing or walking during the lifestyle photography photoshoot. So we shot two images and I delivered both to the client along wth the image without staff.

Flavours Restaurant at Ramada had also required updated interior photography and 3 shots were created. One of the night exterior of the restaurant, a restaurant entrance photo and an restaurant interior showing the updated artwork and seating arrangement.

I can also deliver interior photography images of meeting rooms and ballrooms with and without projector screens. For marketing purposes, if you see an image of a meeting room there is no way to immediately identify what hotel the meeting room is in. However with the screens in place it allows me to digitally add the logo in post production. Since I photograph the meeting room with a blank screen, the logo can be digitally updated in the future if the hotel rebrands without reshooting the room.

The photoshoot was scheduled at 12 midnight until 6am on day one and from 12pm until 8pm on day two. Some of the areas we were scheduled to photograph had to be free from clients. It’s imortant to me not to disturb clients and the normal flow of traffic so a night shoot is scheduled or an early 5-6am shoot is scheduled to ensure we do not disrupt the guests. After all, they are paying for the privilidge to use these areas.

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