Fine Art Drink Photography

Beer, wine and spirits photography project. The concept is to photograph local beers and spirits in a setting which identifies with the drink. This photography project started on a trip from Budapest to Prague in 2006. The beers from these countries were so different I found myself photographing each unique brand. I would pick unique bars with a view to photograph the drink in front of the view to document the experience.

Photographing the local beers on a holiday became an obsession. I would find the major beers sold in a country when I went there and then literally carry them around in my pack for *days* until I found a location that inspired me.

There is nothing better for a photographer to study a skill then to develop a passion for a specialised photography project. Choice of lens and focal length, what aperture to shoot at for background blur and bokeh as well as post processing techniques for product photography.

Photographing glass is definitely a challenge. It’s a reflective cylinder and it shows a mirror view of everything facing it. I am currently shooting monthly beer, wine and spirits for Drink Magazine where I am able to strictly control the light and reflections in my studio. Shooting glass bottles in the field forces you to use these reflections as part of the character of the image.

Post processing the final look and feel of the image was also something I truly enjoy in the project. In the beginning, I was using digital filters to achieve a vintage film look. Instagram users are beating vintage film looks to death so I have recently chosen to move towards a more natural look.

It’s actually hard to keep up with all the new images I have for this folder. I have been so busy with my interior photography work that it has been hard to find the time to edit my personal projects. More to come…