Interior Photography Lighting and Post Processing Before and After

As a professional photographer specializing in architectural and interior photography, I have a particular expertise in capturing luxurious resorts and hotels. While capturing the image during the photo shoot is an important aspect of my work, I also place a strong emphasis on post-production and retouching to create compelling final images. During a photo shoot, I carefully control the lighting to create either dramatic or natural effects, drawing the viewer's eye to specific areas of the space.

However, to me, the real art of commercial photography lies in the time and effort I put into post-processing and retouching the images. This involves digitally blending raw and flash exposures, adjusting colors and tones, and addressing any other retouching needs my clients may have. In fact, post-production and retouching make up about 60% of the photography process for me. I welcome edit requests from my hospitality photography clients to ensure they are fully satisfied with the final images. The examples provided show the significant transformation that can be achieved through this process.

Architectural Photography and 360 Virtual Tour Services in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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