Aerial 360 Panoramic Photography Services

An Aerial 360 is a 360 degree image created with a drone and it allows a bird’s eye view of a building and the surrounding area. Aerial 360 photos are created by capturing a series of images with a drone from a fixed point in the sky and then digitally stitching them together to create a 360 degree photo in the sky. We specialize in Aerial 360s photography services and we are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to manage all of of the required permits for the aerial 360 activity. They work well for commercial buildings or real estate to show the nearby amenities. They are an excellent sales tool for hotels, real estate agents, universities and in the construction industry.

We have been creating aerial 360s for over 8 years and we specialize in Aerial 360 post production. There are a number of factors when considering Aerial 360s such as activity permits, nearby construction sites and ground objects, correct time of day and digital sky replacements.

Firstly, a permit will be required for aerial activity that is used for commercial purposes. We can advise you on whether there will be height restrictions or if your location is in a restricted area. We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and we can advise you on where the restricted areas are and if your location is close to an airport or restricted area. We will ensure all permits have been obtained for the aerial activity so you can be sure your image will be legally captured.

There may also be construction or other unsightly areas which are visible from the point where the Aerial 360 is captured. We can digitally remove and retouch construction areas so they will not live forever in your 360 degree image. The tops of nearby buildings and other ground surfaces are also not usually cleaned to a photo shoot ready level and may require digitally cleaning. We have advanced retouching techniques to digitally clean rooftops and surfaces so the final image will be as clean as possible.

The time of day is very important when capturing an Aerial 360 Photo. We can advise you on when the best time of day will be for the light your building or space. Additionally, the drone cannot physically capture the sky portion of the aerial 360 so the sky is digitally replaced in post production.

Below you can find a selection of our Aerial 360 work to give you an idea of what is possible for your location.

Aerial 360 and Virtual Tour Example

Click Here to view the 360 Virtual Tour

Aerial 360 Photography for Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel

The 360 Virtual Tour we have created for Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel is a perfect example of how an Aerial 360 can be used within a virtual tour. The Aerial 360 creates a birds eye view of the hotel and we have created pulsing hot spots to identify nearby attractions.

A fully customized virtual tour web interface was created for the hotel. This web interface allows easy navigation between the areas in the tour with a navigation menu and way points and displays information to the viewer with pop-up information boxes. The pulsing hot spots in the Aerial 360 show the title of the attraction, the walking time and distance to the attraction and when the user clicks the spot a new window opens with directions on Google Maps. Everything we do is custom coded to ensure all interactive elements within the virtual tour will work on all devices.

Additionally, have created a side navigation menu with the brand colors which separate the tour into areas. The viewer can select which area they would like to visit by clicking the location in this side menu. Custom pulsing way points have also been created which open a bubble thumbnail image and title of the destination. Finally there are information pop-ups with a subtle fade effect. When the viewer hovers over these information hot-spots an information bubble appears with an image and description.

Aerial 360s are a perfect choice for showing your location and surrounding attractions. Please contact us if you would like to discuss an aerial photography or 360 virtual tour of your location.

You can find out more about Conrad Centennial Singapore on their website: or on their events page:

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