Virtual Tour Singapore – Waiting for the NYE Fireworks

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We had just moved to Singapore at this point and we had no idea what to expect from New Year’s Eve here. I wanted to create a virtual tour so I knew I had to secure my tripod somewhere early. Everyone said to get to the Esplanade area around 6 which was incredibly early. There was an army of photographers with tripods who had the same idea. We brought some snacks and dug in.

Slowly more and more people began to arrive. Hundreds of them… Thousands of them. Tens of thousands of them! It began to be uncomfortable that there were so many people there. The steps in and out of the area became packed seating and I had to jump through a bush if I wanted to use the facilities.

The 360 virtual tour was created at about 10pm and that’s me in the Google t-shirt by the way. You can see It had started to fill up by then. You can’t imagine how crowded it was between 11:30 and midnight!

The main idea of creating a virtual tour on New Year’s Eve was to do one during the fireworks display. I quickly learned that this was a challenge I hadn’t expected. Smoke quickly fills the air which makes photography look terrible. When photographing fireworks you only have a minute or two before the smoke begins to obscure the detail in the fireworks show. Also, If you look at the virtual tour you can see how the lights in the sky are static enough to create a 360 degree sphere. During the fireworks display it would have been impossible to create a clean virtual tour because the lights were moving.

I decided to simply enjoy the fireworks display instead of trying to capture it. I’m glad I shot this virtual tour beforehand. It’s a great memory of the evening. Not sure I will go back tho! Now I can see it from my balcony in Singapore instead!

Click the image below to view the full screen virtual tour

Virtual Tour Singapore - Waiting for the NYE Fireworks