Virtual Tour Singapore – Leong San See Temple

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360 virtual tour I created in Singapore of Leong San See Temple. This temple is about a 5 minute walk from my apartment and it’s not one that is suggested in any tourist guides. What’s great is that they don’t have any problems with photography in temples here. It’s best to use a tripod when I create virtual tours so it’s nice to have the freedom to use it. It’s best to go in the middle of the afternoon but you always find random people coming in to pray at all times of the day. I try my best to stay out of their way and if I see someone come in I move my tripod to the side and wait for them finish. They generally are in and out in a few minutes. When I created this virtual tour one of the ladies that worked in the temple said to me “what are you doing?” I said “taking pictures” with a smile… She said “ok” with a smile and let me go about my business. I never understood why it’s so taboo to photograph inside temples and churches. I am glad they don’t have this belief in Singapore.

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Virtual Tour Singapore - Leong San See Temple