Virtual Tour Services

Christopher O’Grady Photography is a Singapore registered Virtual Tour Photography business – ACRA Registration Number 53263127K

My Virtual Tours include:

Creation of Interactive High Definition Virtual Tour consisting of 360 degree panoramas within a graphical user interface which can be used as standalone web page and / or used within an HTML document. The the final virtual tour will be digitally delivered to be hosted on the client’s web servers or can be hosted on my high speed server.

Virtual Tour Images Include:

  • Highest quality, market leading, professionally produced 360 degree panoramas
  • Advanced image processing results in crisp image and high detail
  • Major software editing high dynamic range scenes and fine details
  • Image colour and contrast correction
  • Surface blemish cleaning with Photoshop

Customised Virtual Tour Interface Includes:

  • Standalone virtual tour which encompasses all 360 panoramas and navigation between them
  • Tour created with the latest generation software
  • Interface with company branded logo and customisable navigation and text elements which can be hidden or shown by user
  • Interface can be soft or hard edged at any opacity, any colour
  • Splash Screen introduction with company logo
  • Info button / tab with pop out information window
  • Pop out floor plan with navigation
  • Pop out map to show geo location
  • Full Screen/Partial Screen toggle feature
  • Multi resolution while zooming
  • Hotspots with expandable info windows can be created in the interface for features and facilities such as: an expandable info window on the newspaper which would explain that a daily newspaper will be provided or on a door to show it’s a hidden mini fridge or to a closet door to show there is a personal safe. These hotspots can also play video or audio as well as opening internal or external web pages.
  • Video playing on tv and computer screens

I will work with you and your staff to develop and finalise the customisable interface to ensure 100% satisfaction with all elements of the virtual tour.

Virtual tour technical information:

  • The total virtual tour size is generally 150mb
  • One html file which references many small image files, javascript and several xml files
  • All text information in the tour can be easily updated by editing one xml file using basic html knowledge

Deep Linking:

Deep linking is a way to access any individual 360 panorama from within the larger Virtual Tour via a separate link. This way the Virtual Tour can have multiple in points from separate sections of your website.

Mobile Versions:

The tours will include separate versions for desktop, tablet and mobile for the best performance on each device. The mobile and tablet versions have a gyroscope feature which is activated by pressing the gyroscope button in the bar on the bottom. It allows you to view the tour as if you were looking through a window. Note: not all interface features are available on mobile and tablet versions.

The Photoshoot:

Each 360 panorama or still photograph will require up to 20 minutes to capture. Each scene to be photographed should be and prepared prior to the commencement of the photo shoot. I am more than happy to work with you to ensure each scene is properly staged and dressed before I commence the photo shoot.