Virtual Tour of  The Long Stone in Dublin, Ireland (playing video on TV screens)

The long stone pub is one you will remember and it was very cool to create a virtual tour here. The pub was established in 1754 and it is family owned. The interior is absolutely beautiful and it has a large beer garden on the side. The theme is mainly celtic with a real Irish and Viking atmosphere. The Pièce de Résistance is the unique massive fireplace which is a massive sculpture which is supposed to be Balder the Vking God of Light and Warmth; appropriate for a fireplace I think.


360 Virtual Tour of The Longstone Pub in Dublin, Ireland


The renowned family run public house in Dublin, Ireland known as The Long Stone derives its name from the fascinating history of the surrounding area. Over a thousand years ago, in 837 AD Norsemen who had blazed a trail across the seas from Scandinavia landed at the mouth of the river we now know as the Liffey. As some of the first residents in the region, they erected a tall stone pillar in the sea, as was their custom to symbolise their possession of the surrounding lands and a new area of settlement. This long stone or ‘steyne’ in turn gave it’s name to one of the many small rivers that were tributaries to the Liffey and in turn to the surrounding sandy plains that bordered the sea.
Land reclaimation has since changed this area of the south inner city beyond recognition. The programme that was started by Alderman Hawkins in 1663 was to change the face of modern Dublin as the boundries of the sea were extended to Ringsend. During all this excavation, the steyne stood until 1794. A modern day representation now stands at the front of Pearse Street Garda Station, a few hundred yards away.

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