Virtual Tour I created for Leon & Harper on Boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris, France! I was hired to photograph this clothes shop by Imagera, France. They scheduled me to begin shooting 30 minutes before the location opened and there was no way I could have completed it in that time. Some other photographers might have blown threw the store quickly but I like to take my time and make sure everything is perfect.

It took me about 3 hours to create a Virtual Tour for this place! When the doors opened a never ending stream of women flooded through the store. I had to wait for rare moments when I could get clean photographs! As a man, I have never experience the way women shop. It’s mind boggling… Well, I guess a women would say the same thing for me in a camera store ­čÖé

Their Google Local page is here! There you can find all the still photography and the Virtual Tour I shot for their page.

A word from Leon & Harper:

“I don’t think that fashion today is meant to give you a fake identity. Leon & Harper would much rather like to associate with this new generation of girls who are audacious, full of talent and free of mind.

Nowadays, girls duplicate themselves in order to deal with their job, their love life, their hobbies and other concerns. I’m talking about these girls who create, travel, and experience everything. They know how to take a step back and they never stop embracing whatever excitement life has to offer.

Leon & Harper offers a pop and enlightened fashion for girls who do not break the rules but twist the codes. In the end, they are the ones who decide when they want to seduce – or not. Somehow these girls play but never cheat.”

-Phillipe Corbin


Virtual Tour for Leon and Harper on Google Street View

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