Google Street View | Trusted Photographer

Google Street View Virtual Tours are a publishing addition to my high quality 360 photography. I have been a certified “Google Trusted Photographer” since the beginning of the program while I was living in Ireland in 2012. I moved to Paris in 2013 where I continued to work for Google France. In 2014 I was the first Independent Professional Photographer in Singapore to be certified as a “Street View | Trusted Photographer”. It’s a matter of publishing the 360 degree photos to Google using my Google certification. 

Once your tour is live on Google Maps you are free to add the Google Tour to your own website or Facebook business page. The exact price will depend on how many 360 degree viewpoints will be required to create your virtual tour and a publishing fee. I will be happy to meet with you at your business to determine how many viewpoints will be required for your specific business. 

High Quality Standard Photography

During a Virtual Tour photo shoot is the perfect time to capture standard photography of your business. I can include lifestyle photography of your staff or management at work, lifestyle portraits of the owner or manager, product photography, food photography and especially standard interior photography of your business. Click here for a link to my photography portfolio:

Highest Quality 360 Degree Photography

I specialise in the highest quality 360 degree imagery in the region and I often work with very demanding clients. I offer advanced editing with tripod removal from mirrors and general wall and floor blemish removal. I can also offer you edit requests on the final images in your Google Virtual Tour. This is especially true with hospitality clients who expect the highest quality final images in their 360 Virtual Tour. If you want an important area of your tour to really shine, I will put the effort into making the highest quality imagery for your tour. Please view my virtual tour gallery for examples of my work:

Would you like to discuss 360 Photography or a 360 Virtual Tour for your Location?