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Google Street View | Trusted Singapore

I was the first Independent Professional Photographer in Singapore to be certified as a “Street View | Trusted Photographer”. I can offer you a more personalised service and the Highest Quality Google Business View Tours in Singapore.

Google Virtual Tours are a way to display your 360 degree images connected and displayed within the Google framework. They can appear on your Google listing, on Google Maps and as part of Google Street View.

Choosing to work with me you are dealing directly with a Professional Photographer and not the salesman from an agency.

Christopher O'Grady

Christopher O'Grady

Google Street View Trusted 360 Virtual Tour Photographer

I am an American Interior Photographer based in Singapore who specialises in 360 Virtual Tours, Architectural and Interior Photography. I started shooting for Google in Ireland back in 2012 in and I was a “top performer” in the program. I moved to Paris in 2013 where I continued to work for Google France. I began working with a photography agency called Imagera where I became their leading Google Trusted Photographer and shot many high profile tours such as the Guerlain’s Flagship Store on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. I’ve created hundreds of 360 images and I can offer you the highest quality Google Virtual Tours possible. You’re hiring an artist who will ensure your tour is as beautiful as possible.

What is Google Street View Trusted?

Street View Trusted is formerly known as Google Business View and is a tool for businesses to showcase their premises using a virtual tour hosted on Google.

Utilising the same technology as Street View, the platform allows businesses to show their ambiance, décor and style to online users in a visually engaging manner.

Google Virtual Tours are hosted on Google Maps and are presented as “See Inside” on business listings in Google Searches, Google Maps and in Google+ profile page. It’s also very easy to add the virtual tour to a website using simple html.

Google Street View Tours:

  • Google Search Results
  • Google Maps
  • Google Places
  • Google+
  • Google Street View
  • Google Local / Mobile
  • Google Views
  • Your Own Website
  • Other Social Media Pages (such as Facebook and Twitter)

Highest Quality Tours

Highest Quality Google Virtual Tours in Singapore. Virtual Tours with fully customisable interfaces available.

High Quality Standard Photos

I can offer high quality standard professional photography of your business as part of the service.

Independent Professional Photographer

You’re hiring a professional photographer who cares deeply about attention to detail and quality.

Advanced Image Editing

I offer advanced image editing with blemish cleaning and tripod removal in my virtual tours.

Virtual Tour Packages Can Include

  • Interior Photography

  • Architectural Photography

  • Food Photography

  • Product Photography

  • Owner / Manager Portraits

  • Staff Portraits

  • Environmental Portraits

  • Lifestyle Photography

Environmental Portraits

Interior Photography

Restaurant Photography

Hotel Photography

Food & Beverage Photography

Ballroom Photography

Restaurant & Bar Photography

Advanced Image Editing & Tripod Removal

One of the major differences in my virtual tour services is that I offer advanced editing with tripod removal from mirrors and general wall and floor blemish removal. It’s always best to make sure there will not be anything you would want removed in post editing. I like to spend extra time during the shoot staging the scenes with my clients to make sure everything is perfect during the shoot and you will not require editing. But if you see something in your virtual tour that you would like cleaned up or removed I can take care of it for you.

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