Hotel Virtual Tour for Orchid Hotel Singapore

Welcome to Orchid Hotel, a newly renovated 4-star hotel situated in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. I am thrilled to offer you a hotel virtual tour that showcases this stunning property.

This hotel virtual tour provides viewers with a unique aerial 360-degree perspective using aerial 360 photography that highlights the location and nearby amenities. From this vantage point, you can see how the 20-floor property seamlessly blends into Singapore’s ever-growing skyline.

Recently, the hotel underwent a design overhaul, and the 272-room hotel is now a haven of timeless tranquillity and warmth. The hotel design language is effortlessly chic and contemporary, showcasing an earthy palette of pastels, greys, and blues.

You can find more about Orchid Hotel on their website:

Click to View the Hotel Virtual Tour at – Orchid Hotel Singapore

Hotel Virtual Tour Services in Singapore and Worldwide

I have over 12 years of experience working with hotel and resort clients on corporate hotel photography and virtual tour projects. As a result, I can provide potential guests with an immersive and interactive experience that allows them to virtually visit the main areas of your hotel in a unique way.

I understand that 360 photos are a great way to build trust with guests because it enables them to explore the hotel in an engaging way. Visitors today expect transparency, and by providing them with the ability to view the space in 360, it builds their confidence in your brand because they can see every angle for themselves.

I also provide hospitality level retouching services for hotel 360 photos. I specialize in hospitality level post-production and retouching, including fabric smoothing, digital surface cleanups, and object removals to ensure the final images meet the highest standards.

To create hotel virtual tours, I use Fujifilm GFX Medium Format Camera systems, and everything is done manually to ensure perfection in every image. Every image is processed in the same way as a standard hotel photography image to ensure consistency and quality across all content.

Aerial 360 Photography for Hotels

As a provider of Aerial 360 Photography Services, I specialize in creating 360-degree images using drones to capture stunning bird’s eye views of buildings and their surrounding areas. I am an expert in post-production and can provide high-quality Aerial 360 images for a variety of purposes.

One of the key factors in creating Aerial 360 photos is obtaining the necessary permits for aerial activity. I am licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and can help clients determine whether their location requires any special permits or is located in a restricted area. I can also advise on any height restrictions and ensure all necessary permits are obtained for the aerial activity.

Another consideration is the potential presence of construction sites or other unsightly areas that may be visible in the Aerial 360 photo. I offer advanced retouching techniques to digitally remove these areas and ensure a clean final image. I also digitally clean rooftops and surfaces to ensure the best possible image quality.

Timing is also an important factor in capturing a great Aerial 360 photo. I can advise clients on the best time of day to capture the light and showcase their building or space in the most favorable way. In post-production, I also replace the sky portion of the Aerial 360 photo, as the drone cannot physically capture the sky.

I have a page dedicated to aerial photography and aerial 360 photography if you would like more information about these services.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss creating a hotel virtual tour or if you need hotel photography for your hotel or resort in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Architectural Photography and 360 Virtual Tour Services in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Please contact me to discuss your Architectural Photography, Interior Photography, Hotel Photography, or 360 Virtual Tour project.

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