Function Room Photography created for Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel of the Grand Salon, Pavilion and Grand Ballroom as well as the hotel rooms. I specialize in photography for meeting rooms and function rooms. This style of photography is used to show the exact size and setup to potential clients who are booking these rooms.

My role as a corporate hotel photographer is to create an image that allows the hotel or other commercial client to sell their spaces. Hotel photography is a demanding profession that requires specialised equipment and techniques to capture commercial images of architecture and interiors.

I have photographed hundreds of event spaces and function rooms and I have developed techniques to accurately represent the space and setup for my hotel and F&B clients.

The image must show a true representation of the meeting room or function room so the viewer clearly understands the size and capacity of the space from the photo. If the image makes the room look larger than it actually is this will create problems for the event organizer. Therefore you can see this ballroom image is a true representation of the function room space.

This photography project also contains images of the hotel rooms in a setup with a children’s tent setup. The purpose of these hotel room images are to show the setup for children and the adjoining connecting room feature the hotel provides.

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