This video shows the shooting and post production processing for one of my architectural photos. This image was created in the interior of a restaurant in Singapore.

In Architectural Photography, it is impractical and impossible to add light to all areas of the image by using out of frame lighting. I manually add flash exposures to selectively light these areas of the frame using a wireless flash.

The Photoshoot

The photoshoot itself takes about 20 to 30 minutes to light and shoot. However, what’s not shown is the 60 minutes it takes to prepare the room for the shoot. Every chair, table, glass, plate, fork and knife needs to be “just so” before I begin to shoot. Then of course during the shoot absolutely nothing in the room can be touched or else it won’t line up in the final image. Staff are compelled to walk through the room and move random objects and patrons show up before the restaurant opens and sit down at tables.

Post Processing

This image is 79 exposures which are digitally blended together. I have created a time-lapse video with every shot captured. I then reveal the combined images in Photoshop to show the final blended image. By layering all of these images together in Photoshop and masking in these flashed areas I am able to create a more complex image than I could using big lights or High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques.

The process is time consuming, but it allows me to create a unique look for my architectural photography clients that can only be achieved using this method.

Singapore based Architectural Photographer

I am based in Singapore but I work all over the world. I specialise in Architectural and Interior Photography as well as the highest quality 360 Virtual Tours with fully customisable interfaces. For bookings, questions or feedback please contact me.