Interior Photography and 360 Virtual Tour for Sky Premium in Singapore

Commercial Photography

I was hired by Sky Premium in Singapore to shoot interior architectural photography and a 360 virtual tour with a customised interface. The photoshoot would be of their executive headquarters on 1 raffles place of their main lobby with meeting rooms and a boardroom which has a commanding view of the Singapore skyline.

I was asked to shoot the main 360 virtual tour at dusk or blue hour to get the perfect balance of light in the 360 photos. I was also hired to shoot standard interior photos. When I arrived the weather wasn’t the best. When scheduling a photoshoot in Singapore you can never predict when it will be cloudy. However, Singapore has such changeable weather that an overcast day will dissipate and produce a spectacular sunset for you. The day of this photoshoot was one of those days.

When I arrived at the photoshoot early afternoon the sky was white. I’m always optimistic and I tell my clients “don’t worry, the sun will come out in just a few minutes!” So I started to shoot the 360 virtual tour and architectural interior photography in areas of the business that were not dependent on a blue sky through the windows. You never know from one minute to the next if you’re going to have blue skies or a thunderstorm. I shot the all of photos on the shot list and then the clouds began to part and blue sky appeared. So I shot everything again! 

Every time the I would complete a few interior shots the sky become more blue and more perfect for the photoshoot. So I would shoot it again! I think I shot every shot on the shot list at least 3 times. I take quite a bit of interior photography lighting with me when I shoot and by the end of the day I knew all the strobe settings required to shoot them again and again until the sky was perfect in each shot.

By the time the sun went down I was incredibly pleased with the wonderful sky that Singapore had given me to end the shoot. You can see in the 360 virtual tour at the windows that the sun was just cresting over the back of the building giving me a perfect moment to shoot the 360 photos of the skyline to finish the virtual tour for the photoshoot.

Click the image below to see the full screen 360 Virtual Tour

Sky Premium headquarters virtual tour in singapore