Architectural & Interior Photography Services in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

My goal is to offer the highest quality architectural and interior photography services in Singapore. Architectural photography is a very specialised field and it requires unique equipment, lighting and post processing techniques that are unique to these forms of photography services. I work with the Medium Format 51.4 Megapixel Fujifilm GFX 50S camera system and a wide variety of tilt-shift lenses specifically designed for architectural and interior photography.

Interior Photography Lighting

Lighting for interior photography also requires very specialised techniques. Architects and Interior Designers put a considerable amount of effort into how the natural light and the lighting fixtures will control the mood of the space. My goal with lighting is to reinforce this natural light while keeping the colours, textures and tones pure. 

One unique photography lighting technique I use is to manually flash areas of the frame that cannot be reached from out of frame lights. I blend these flash exposures together during the editing process to create a complete image. This depends entirely on the existing lighting in the room and the desired result my clients require in their final images.

Interior Photography Composition Techniques

I also shoot with a system which allows me to view a live feed from the camera on my tablet as well as tethered to my laptop for critical shots. This allows me to propose and review shots with clients during the shoot so they know they exact angles and lighting in the final images. It also allows me to dress the room and move objects within in the frame from across the room while looking through the lens on the iPad. The symmetry of objects in the room always looks different through the lens than it does to the eye standing next to the camera.

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