About Christopher O’Grady

Architectural & Interior Photographer based in Singapore


I am an American Architectural & Interior Photographer based in Singapore who specialises in Architectural Photography, Interior Photography and 360 Virtual Tours. I am originally from Michigan, USA but I have lived in London, Paris, Dublin, Bali and I have permanently moved to Singapore. I work mainly with interior designers, builders, architects and in the hospitality industry with restaurants, hotels and luxury resorts in Singapore and throughout South East Asia & China.

My role as an architectural photographer and interior photographer is to create images that helps my clients document or sell their space. To find the perfect composition that leads the eye through the image to create a visual narrative of the location. I enjoy working closely with my clients on elements of the composition so I can ensure I am photographing what is most important about each space. 

Architectural interior photography is an exacting profession that requires specialised composition, lighting and post processing techniques. The main reason clients choose my services lies in my interior photography lighting techniques and post production techniques. During the photo shoot I can choose to subtly illuminate the scene to create either dramatic or use natural looking lighting effects to draw the viewers eye to specific areas of the space.

In my workflow I would say the photo shoot is 40% of the process in creating the final image. I can take a photograph in various directions during the post production process. I spend a considerable amount of time and effort post processing my images so they will look their best. I also work with retouchers who can take on whatever tedious edit request or complex object removal my clients may have

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss a photography project for your business or any other location.

To see an updated listing of my photography work please view my Recent Work Blog which I constantly update with new Commercial Photography projects and 360 Virtual Tours, professional and personal.

You can view “before and after” images my work here to see before and after lighting and post processing of the images.

A larger selection of my photography work is available on my photography portfolio page.

You can view my PDF photography portfolio and download it here.

Previous Clients Include

Company Name: Visual Narrative PTE LTD
Singapore Business Registration Number: 201808951H
Office: +65 6650 2632
Mobile: +65 8554 0321
Mail: sales[at]chrisogrady.com
Contact: Here

Feel free to whatsapp me with any questions.