I always like to take on fun virtual tours as projects for clients who would not normally pay for the service. I would like to give back to my local community in Singapore and I saw this as a way to help them out. By helping them claim their listing and adding a virtual tour people who are searching for this type of business can more easily find them on Google as well as seeing inside this wonderful herb shop.

This Chinese Medicine shop is just down the street from my apartment in Singapore and I just love the old cabinets inside. The older lady in the tour is usually sitting outside and she has been the owner for over 40 years. The shop is a time capsule and it was originally owned by her husband who has recently passed away. You can see his photos in the rear of the store in the virtual tour. I spoke with another local business owner who introduced them to me and they gave me permission to shoot a virtual tour of the business for their google business listing.

360 Virtual Tour for Ban Un Chan in Singapore

Client: Ban Un Chan
Location: Singapore
Category: Virtual Tour
Subcategory: Traditional Chinese Medicine